What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?

A lot of people don’t really get Body Dysmorphic Disorder. So you’re worried about your flaws?—so am I. You’re concerned about how other people think you look?—sounds familiar. In a world where body image issues are so normal, differentiating between ‘normal levels’ of body image concern and BDD is a trial.  Now this may be […]

What are body image issues? 

Simply put, our body image is the way that we perceive our appearance, and it involves the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we may experience and engage with as a result. The important word in the sentence above is the word ‘perceive’. The reason that this is so important is because our body image is […]

When you don’t feel Enough…

“I’m boring”, “I’m not intelligent”, “I’m unattractive. I’m too this or that……”; these are words heard frequently in the therapy room. And lying underneath these derogatory statements is a fundamental belief of “I’m not good enough”.  This inner feeling of unworthiness then permeates every area of life, through choice of relationships, work progress and social engagements. […]

Social Media and Body Image Pressures

Body image plays a significant role in our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Feeling unhappy with how we look and spending a significant amount of time preoccupied with worry or anxiety about our appearance can lead to disordered eating and unsafe dieting and exercise practices, as well as feelings of depression and anxiety. Many factors contribute […]

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