Movement For Emotional Regulation

What is emotional regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to adapt your emotions in response to different situations and challenges in a healthy, balanced way, with an orientation towards restoring equilibrium. Just like a healthy heart that can increase and decrease blood flow according to internal and external demands, emotional regulation is about flexibility, and […]

Letting Go of Perfectionism

  “I’m just all-or-nothing”.  “I’m either really on it with exercise and nutrition or I’ve smashed the fuck it button”.  Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re struggling with a bad case of perfectionism.  whY IS PERFECTIONISM A PROBLEM? The origins of perfectionism are deeply rooted in a fear of not being good enough. Most perfectionists […]

What Will Matter – A Self Compassion Poem by Michael Josephson

Self Compassion is a skill that most people do not spend nearly enough time learning or practicing. Self-compassion is the process of turning compassion inwards, treating one’s self with love and acceptance in spite of failings or flaws, befriending ourselves, being there for ourselves in our time of greatest need. Talking to one’s self compassionately […]

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