Letting Go of Perfectionism

  “I’m just all-or-nothing”.  “I’m either really on it with exercise and nutrition or I’ve smashed the fuck it button”.  Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re struggling with a bad case of perfectionism.  whY IS PERFECTIONISM A PROBLEM? The origins of perfectionism are deeply rooted in a fear of not being good enough. Most perfectionists […]

What are body image issues? 

Simply put, our body image is the way that we perceive our appearance, and it involves the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we may experience and engage with as a result. The important word in the sentence above is the word ‘perceive’. The reason that this is so important is because our body image is […]

Body Acceptance: Learning to Accept your Body

In today’s world and the continuous rise in social media, we’re not only being bombarded by society’s perception of beauty, but also receiving messages about loving yourself how you are. The truth is that oftentimes, being told to love yourself can also seem too much of jump from where you’re at right now. For many […]

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