Embracing Inclusivity and Body Diversity: Getting #BeachMindReady for Every Body

Been There’s #BeachMindReady campaign hopes to shift the focus from restrictive ideals and celebrate the beauty and diversity of every body. Embracing inclusivity and body diversity is essential for fostering positive self-image and creating a beach culture that accepts and celebrates all individuals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of promoting and embracing […]

How to help your friend get #beachmindready

Going to the beach can be a real mountain to climb when you don’t feel right in your own skin. When looking around and noticing that every other body shape feels like an improvement from your own, it can be hard to try and tackle those overwhelming feelings of deflation and to scrap the idea […]

What’s #BeachMindReady All About?

It’s the start of summer and anxieties are rising more than the temperature! We know (not just because we’ve Been There) that summer is a triggering time for millions of body image sufferers. The thought of being in swimwear in public and feeling so exposed can lead to people missing out on so much. “You […]

10 Tips For Enjoying Time At The Beach

If you’ve had body image issues you know all about the feeling of beach dread – that ball of anxiety in your stomach at the thought of being in swimwear in public. The increased heart rate as you get closer to the beach and realise it’s going to be time to take off that T-shirt […]

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