What’s #BeachMindReady All About?

It’s the start of summer and anxieties are rising more than the temperature! We know (not just because we’ve Been There) that summer is a triggering time for millions of body image sufferers.

The thought of being in swimwear in public and feeling so exposed can lead to people missing out on so much. “You guys go to the beach, I’ll see you later”, “I’m just going to stay and read, I’ll see you after”, “hmmm I think, I’ll just head over to those shops for a while. Enjoy the beach” – any of that sound familiar?

This beach dread is a results of years of media serving us ads and images of what a ‘beach body’ should be. We’re all subconsciously, or for some openly, judging ourselves to these unattainable standards. Hurray for those with a pre-defined genetic make-up and metabolic rate (and age) that make it easier for them to have these professional model bodies. But they are a minority, exceptions. We are the norm. Our bodies are all beach bodies, and we need a mindset shift to realise that.

That’s why we started the #BeachMindReady campaign. We want to start a national conversation to change the narrative about being beach body ready to being beach mind ready. This can truly help people have a more enjoyable and fear-free summer. So here are a few Q&As to help you understand what our campaign is all about.

What is #BeachMindReady?

Getting beach mind ready means achieving a positive state of body-acceptance that frees you from the fears (and overthinking!) that stop you enjoying your summer.  

You don’t have to love your body, you just need to realise it isn’t going to hold you back from having a great summer, unless YOU let it. Little affirmations in your mind will build your acceptance and help free you from the fears. You don’t need a change of body, just a change of mindset. 


At Been There, we know what it is like to feel pressure to change our bodies, to overthinking what people may or may not think about our body. We know what it’s like to reject ourselves and to miss out on life because of all this. Unfortunately, we’re not alone as 3/5 adult Brits feel negatively about their body right at this very moment. 
Every year, the media is full of opinion pieces, dieting tips, exercise routines, advertising, and more shouting about getting ‘beach body ready’. Social media only exacerbates the size and ubiquity of that message. Being bombarded by ads, posts, and articles about beach body preparations is a horrible part of our culture. It ingrains preconceptions of how we should judge ourselves. You hold yourself back, diet, restrict, and avoid all because you think your body is the problem. It’s not. It’s your mind being trained to not accept your body that is the real problem. 

We stand with everyone to accept and embrace their bodies. We want more Brits to accept their body this summer and be able to enjoy the opportunities life has to offer. We want people to start talking openly about getting beach mind ready – this will encourage others to be less self-critical and help bring a diversity in representation of ‘beach bodies’.

Finally, we want to let people know we are here for them if and when they need us.


The first step to getting beach mind ready is to say to yourself that you want to get beach mind ready, to promise yourself a positive approach to the summer. If we don’t want something, it’s always harder to achieve.

We’ve prepared an easy-to-use guide to help you. Download our free guide and you can work through some of the questions that can help you think differently about your body. We want to help you get to a place of better acceptance of your body. This will help free you of some of the anxieties that come with body image issues, and help you start to treat your body with the respect it deserves.

This isn’t an overnight fix, but keep referring to the guide, keep those positive affirmations going and talk openly with your loved ones to get the support you need.

If you feel this isn’t working for you or won’t work for you, then download the Been There App and sign up for free 1:1 mentoring from someone who has been there too.


Been There is all about accepting and celebrating our bodies. When you accept your body, you will start to treat it better. Your motivations for around how you treat your body and speak about it, will change.

Healthy eating won’t be to help you look better but instead to fuel your body to do the amazing things it needs to. Restriction changes to become sustenance. Exercise shouldn’t be about conforming but performing. Give your body the treatment it needs to be able to bring you on life’s journey, not just so it can look a certain way. For some this could mean cutting a couple of hours of weights and replacing it with walks with friends. For others it may mean less sedentary time and more movement. Our situations are all different. When we start to respect our body, we start to understand what is right for it, our motivations are more positive, and our actions become healthier.


We believe the beach should be a safe and enjoyable space for every body. Positive affirmations and reminders that your body isn’t a problem should help you stay in the moment and help you and others around you, make the most of the summer fun.

We created beach towels Wowels with these positive affirmations to create a little safe space for you on the beach, and to remind you how great you are! If you want a Wowel, buy one through our website and (LINK TO PAGE FOR PURCHASE) all profits going to helping us reach more body image suffers and help change the mind set of many people, just like you.

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