Hello - I'm tessa

I am the founder of Been There, as you guessed it I have…Been There!

Since the earliest days of my childhood, and into my teens and twenties when I was plagued with body image issues, I have been trying to resolve my feelings of being alone and misunderstood. I was desperate to find someone who was removed from my family and friendship group, who I could speak to in complete trust and who had been in a similar situation to me.

I needed someone who was non-judgemental and had lived shared experiences. I saw counsellors, dieticians and therapists. All with the best of intentions but none of them worked for me. I felt that everyone lacked relatability. I needed a service like Been There when I was younger, a service that didn’t exist, so I decided to create it myself. With Been There I hope to simply make a positive and powerful difference to people facing body image issues.

During my own journey I eventually found a Mentor. The value of this relationship and the impact it has had on my life, has been life-saving. Our volunteer Mentors are here to support you through your own journeys and make sure you are not alone.

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