Are You #BeachMindReady

What if getting ready for the beach was a state of mind, not a look?

Millions of Brits feel bad about their bodies. Shamed into thinking there is something wrong with them because of the unrealistic body standards media portrays, especially at summer.

Enough is ENOUGH!!!

Screw diet pill ads or ’10 tips for a flat tum’.

Forget ‘beach body ready’, get Beach MIND Ready.

Beach Mind Ready is a positive state of body-acceptance that frees you from the fears that stop you enjoying your summer. A change of mindset will help you realise the summer is about memories, not muscles, about laughter not looks.

Learn More About our #BeachMindReady Campaign

Been There is starting a national conversation about getting #BeachMindReady. We are standing alongside bodies of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve beach-mind readiness for summer filled with more fun and less fear.  We’re encouraging influencers, supporters and everyone who believes in body acceptance to take to socials, their whats app groups and coffee breaks to say enough is enough of unattainable body standards! Let’s make beaches a safe space for all.

Getting #BeachMindReady means achieving a positive state of body-acceptance that frees you from the fears (and overthinking!) that stop you enjoying your summer.  You don’t have to love your body, you just need to realise it isn’t going to hold you back from having a great summer, unless YOU let it. Little affirmations in your mind will build your acceptance and free you from the fears. You don’t need a change of body, just a change of mindset. 

At Been There, we know what it is like to feel pressure to change our bodies, to overthinking what people may or may not think about our body. We know what it’s like to reject ourselves and to miss out on life because of all this. In fact, studies show millions Brits will be feeling negative about their body right at this very moment.  

Every year, the media is full of dieting tips, exercise routines, advertising and more shouting about getting ‘beach body ready’. Social media only exacerbates the size and ubiquity of that message. Being bombarded by ads, posts, and articles about beach body preparations is a horrible part of our culture. It ingrains preconceptions of how we should judge ourselves. You hold yourself back, diet, restrict, and avoid all because you think your body is the problem. It’s not. It’s your mind being trained to not accept your body that is the real problem. 
We stand with everyone to accept and embrace their bodies. 

To get BMR you need to accept your body. We’ve prepared a helpful workbook to guide you on your path to beach mind readiness. We’ve prepared it with experts and the voices of those who have been there.
If you are still struggling and think you may need more help, we are here for you. You can download our app and register for free 1:1 mentoring from someone who has been there when it comes to body image issues.

Maybe you are already feeling ok about your body image but also feel passionately about helping those struggling with body image issues. Well there are a few ways you can help our mission:

1) Mentoring – have you been there yourself? Do you feel ready to help others by sharing your experience? Join our free mentoring training course and become a mentor!
2) Donate – with every donation we receive we can help provide this free service to adults across the UK. We have a tiny team and really diligent with our spending so that the money we kindly receive can go on the growing our charity and helping more people.
3) Spread the word – use your socials, your whats app groups, your catchups with friends to spread the word of #BeachMindReady! Help your friends and family realise summer should be about laughter not looks. If any of them are struggling with their body image, we are here for them!

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