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Shane Kerr, Marketing Director

Shane has joined the team as our Marketing Director to help us on our mission to establish Been There as a trusted name in helping young people’s mental health. For the last 14 years, Shane has been working in a number of marketing roles for big household name brands around Europe. His most recent role was as Global Brand Director for Durex. 

“Working on youth marketing and education campaigns opened my eyes to just how impactful the perception of your body is on not just how you feel, but how you behave too. Young people are bombarded by so many demands for perfection that it can lead to a life impacting strain on their self-confidence and self-acceptance. I love what the Been There team are setting out to do and can’t wait to help make a difference”.

 Originally from Dublin in Ireland, Shane has lived and worked in Switzerland, Germany and is now living in London with his wife. He’s a certified Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health England.

Joel Stanier, Trustee

Joel Stanier has spent the last 8 years working in the non-profits sector, helping grow a small international charity through advocacy, digital marketing, fundraising and the creation of more efficient systems.

Joel has personally seen the impact of how body image issues can severely hinder confidence and create unhealthy habits of self-deprecation. From an early age he identified peoples need for role models and how they can help provide the support needed to create more positive thought cycles about oneself.

“Been There is a brilliant idea to bring people closer together through the sharing of past experience and will become an essential part of the antidote to help the comparative nature of modern society.”

After working for an international charity for several years, Joel wanted to get involved in something more personal and closer to home and in 2021, he met Tessa, and immediately knew how transformative Been There could be.

Rachael Williams,

Rachael has been a psychotherapist working with young people for over 18 years. She is passionate about helping young people learn to relate more skilfully to their thoughts and feelings. She has worked in 4 large secondary schools and is currently working with the Royal Shakespeare company on their production of Romeo and Juliet, advising on the depiction of mental health issues on the stage.

She is a public speaker on mental health and runs parents talks and workshops in schools. She also works with her sister Louise running online training for the PKD (polycystic kidney disease) charity among others.

She is a passionate open water swimmer and has 3 children of her own in their mid to late 20’s. She is a firm believer that mental health should be given the same time, attention and energy as physical well-being and that children would benefit from being taught as early as possible in schools how to suffer well. 

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