How you can be a part of Been There’s #BeachMindReady campaign; 7 easy steps to make a big difference

Do you feel angry about the unrealistic ‘beach body’ goal the media serves us each year? Do you agree that people should be able to enjoy the summer without feeling judged by themselves or others? If so, then why not help us get Britain talking about being ‘Beach Mind Ready’ this summer? Here’s how you can help:

  1. Get Beach Mind Ready: The best way to get involved is to live your best life this summer! Download our free guide to help you better accept your body this summer. Or download our app and request a Mentor to help you if you are struggling with body image issues.
  2. Get Active on Social: Help spread this positive message of body acceptance this summer by liking and sharing our content across socials. Use the hashtag #BeachMindReady when you post your summer content. By doing this you won’t just help reach the 61% of Brits who feel negatively about their bodies, but you’ll be giving your friends and followers a clear sign that you are here for them too.
    (By the way – did you know just how much a ‘like’ or a ‘share’ means to a small charity? We don’t have big budgets for advertising so your engagement helps us reach more people and ‘win’ with the algorithms so we can reach more people with future posts too! We love your likes!)
  3. Talk Openly: We want to start a national conversation to change the narrative about being beach body ready to being beach mind ready. Start these conversations in your WhatsApp groups, over coffee or through your social platforms. Be honest. Be supportive. Share how you feel about swimwear season. Help your friends deal with their anxieties. A problem shared is a problem halved! We’re positing lots of content on social that you can screenshot or link to as a conversation starter.
  4. Content Creation: Do you create content for followers, companywide emails, for local newsletters or media? Why not take this chance to create content on being #BeachMindReady? Be a leader in this area and champion the cause with your followers or readers. Reach out to if you have any requests.
  5. Corporations: Your company can get involved! Our inspirational CEO Tessa offers great talks about her experience and about better acceptance of our bodies. With 3/5 Brits feeling negatively about their bodies, there probably aren’t many companies out there where a talk like this won’t reach the right audience. Alternatively, why not use our Wowels as a corporate giveaway? Promoting better mental health for employees and customers, whilst helping deliver on CSR goals.
  6. Donate/Buy a Wowel: We are a small and new charity, heavily reliant on volunteers and donations. Any money donated will go towards helping us grow the charity – recruiting, vetting, and training more mentors and heling us reach Mentees who need support. By buying a Wowel (our exclusive Beach Mind Ready merch!) you’ll be supporting the charity and getting the message out there!
  7. Become a Mentor: Have you been there when it comes to body image issues? Are you feeling strong enough to help others through their struggles? We are looking to recruit 100 volunteer mentors. We provide training and on-going support. You can find out more on our become a Mentor page.

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