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Who is Tessa?


Why would we want to listen to her talk?

Struggle into Strength

Tessa Peters is a mental health advocate, body image coach and eating disorder expert by experience.


Tessa founded Been There charity, pioneering a support system that connects individuals who are struggling with their body image to somebody who has ‘been there’ too.


Using her own story of battling bulimia for 11 years, Tessa works with businesses, universities and charities across the UK, teaching communities how to turn their struggle into strength, build resilience, and create safe spaces for conversations around mental health.



What I Do

Why Tessa?

A Simple Truth


We live in a mental health pandemic – 1 in 4 people across the UK experience a mental health problem each year. It is essential that people feel able to be vulnerable, without judgment or risk, that people feel able to struggle, without feeling weak or unworthy. It is the shame, the stigma and the judgement that surrounds mental health problems still, to this day, that leads to the greatest human cost.


To tackle this unrelenting problem, we need to be able to feel safe when we talk about our mental health.


I know the cost of not being able to share your struggle, I know how suffering in silence can knock you down until you no longer feel able to get up. I also know what it is to find hope, to build resilience and to learn self-compassion.


I know that it is possible to pick yourself up from the darkest of places.


What I can give you:


Whether you are an individual, team or organisation, I can provide you with the tools to turn your struggle into strength. Let me teach you what I have learned:


  • My story – how I transformed my struggle into strength
  • The importance of compassion, towards the self and towards others
  • How sharing your struggles can build resilience
  • How building safe spaces to discuss mental health will give you a competitive advantage and benefit your community in the long-term

Why Now?

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Book a Discovery Call

We are always looking for ambassadors who embody our values and will champion Been There in any shape or form. If you have struggled with body image and have gained some valuable pearls of wisdom on the road to loving yourself then we would love to hear from you.

As we are a charity we rely on your donations to be able to support as many people as we can. Your money will help us to support more Mentees, by funding the costs related to recruiting, vetting and training our volunteer Mentors, and providing ongoing support through our app. It will also help us to create partnerships with other charities and services so that we can help adults within the workplace, universities and healthcare settings. We are continually developing the service so that we can best support people struggling with body image.

Become a partner

We work with companies, universities, charities and colleges in many different capacities. If you would like to provide the app to your staff/students/beneficiaries, organise a fundraiser, or even set up your own Mentoring app, then please do get in touch here.

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